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Game Cancellation Policy

Game Cancellation Policy

The Commonwealth Field Hockey League recognizes that there are circumstances that cause a game to be cancelled at the last minute.  Since rescheduling games is difficult, the League believes every effort should be made to play the game on the date originally scheduled.  Games should only be cancelled as a last result due to player safety considerations.  This document provides guidelines on the processes and responsibilities of coaches in those circumstances.

Reason to cancel a game:  Unplayable/Unsafe Field Conditions, Thunder and Lightning, or some other dangerous condition.

The League believes games should be played under the following circumstances:  Light Rain, Wind, or generally unpleasant fall weather, low player turn out (less than 11 players), or other such circumstances.

Game Cancellation Process
The Two Hour Window:  If you have cancelled this game before two hours the town does not need to pay the ref fees. If you have had to cancel the game within the two hour window and you were not able to contact the ref- a coach from the home team must show up at the field and pay the ref.

Rescheduling Process:

The Commonwealth League recognizes that available time during the season is tight.  Please make an effort with your opposing coach to attempt to reschedule the game for another time.

Submit a Game Change Request through the League website.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (field)
  • Opposing Coaches agreement to play at new time.

The League Scheduler will notify the ref coordinator of the new game and the ref coordinator will attempt to secure a ref for the game.

Please Note:  A reschedule request, where the new date provides short lead times, may result in the inability to staff the event with a referee.  A new date may be proposed back to the teams in question.

2024 Commonwealth Field Hockey Game Change Request

Request a Time, Date, or Location Change for a Game