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Who We Are

Commonwealth Field Hockey League  is a comprised of 33 Eastern Massachusetts towns (2024)  that span from the South Shore to Metro West.

Our Mission

To promote girls youth field hockey in an environment that:

  • Emphasizes fun, while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, self confidence and integrity
  • Strives to provide equal playing time for all players
  • Creates balanced teams at each age level
  • Adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct of players, coaches and spectators

Commonwealth Field Hockey League Responsibilities

In exchange for each member Towns commitment, the CFHL will:
  • Enable competition
    • Create the Season Schedule
    • Provide a game rescheduling process
    • Coordinate with Umpire scheduler to arrange umpires as well as junior umpires when possible


The League aims to keep games friendly while acknowledging competition.  It is not a pressure filled, win at all costs environment.  Town programs agree to the following:

  • Provide balanced teams in an age group in an effort to compete successfully against teams from other towns
  • The score will not be posted, broadcasted or announced in any way - either during the game or afterwards
  • Teams should adjust their play if the game is lopsided (i.e. move players to positions)

League Rules Card


Teams are responsible for their own equipment.  All goalies must wear proper field hockey goalie equipment.  Suggested town equipment to be provided to your coaches includes:

  • Goalie gear
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mouth guards
  • Goalie Stick
  • Balls


  • Confirm game with opposing coach
  • Confirm field location
  • Confirm umpire is assigned


The league will work to provide USFHA certified umpires for each game.  The HOME team pays all fees.  Any team that is a no-show (home or visiting) is responsible for paying the umpire the FULL amount for the game.

Commonwealth Field Hockey League Umpire Coordinator: Matt Gaitane

Referee Fees:

  Junior Alone Adult Alone Two Adults
1/2 & 3/4 $40 N/A N/A
5/6 N/A $95 $70 Each
7/8 N/A $95 $70 Each


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